Head Swaps for Elohi

I am looking to field a bunch of these I think so I am pondering head swaps. I own a ton of the Basician range but just getting started on the force now.

What heads have people been using to swap out? Even though they are larger models I haven’t checked yet if the heads are the same as the men at arms, Paladins or etc.

I just want to put a little variety into the faces if possible.

Without actually owning the models, so maybe this is really off:

If Mantic human heads are too small, you might want to look at citadel miniatures heads. The models are generally 10-20% bigger and the heads are even larger. I’d suggest looking out for the high elf archer sprue.

good luck:

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I’ve found the Men-At-Arms or Paladin heads are good fits. That’s the new Men-At-Arms, by the way.

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I’m curious if sigmarites’ heads would work. Should also be easy to find.

When you say new Men at Arms do you mean Vanguard?

I mean the currently available ones. There’s still some of the older ones knocking around, which wouldn’t work as well.

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Initially released in Vanguard, they are now the only ones sold.

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I will have to look at what I have then. I do have 2 vanguard starters for Basilica but I also have 2 army boxes that I have had maybe a year or more that had Men At arms as well. Not sure which sprues were in those army boxes.