Headstrong and Fury aura question

If a unit is wavered and outside of the fury aura at the beginning of the turn, the fury aura can activate first, move into range of the wavered unit, and when the wavered unit activates, it may countercharge correct? That one seems very clear (I hope!)

Headstrong basically says if a unit began the turn wavered (not sure how it would be wavered if it didn’t begin the turn wavered), before it gets its movement order, on a 3+ it is no longer wavered. I assume this means IMMEDIATELY before it gets movement order you roll that dice, and therefore a headstrong aura could be moved into range just like a fury aura.

However, technically ‘before it gets its movement order’, is anytime once the turn begins. So would that mean if you were playing dwarves and a bunch were wavered you go could through each unit, rolling for headstrong before you make any moves to see exactly what you’re working with?

So basically my 2 questions are:

  1. Can a fury and/or headstrong aura be moved into range of a wavered unit and have effect that same turn?
  2. When exactly do you roll for headstrong (or do I get to choose when to roll for it as long as its between the turn beginning and the units movement order)?

I don’t have time to find the relevant passages or faq’s right now, hopefully someone else can assist with that, but I believe it’s:

  1. yes, you can move the aura first and then reap the benefits
  2. headstrong is rolled when you pick a unit to “activate” and only for that unit. complete the unit’s moves and proceed to the next unit. (the only time the rules allow to check a special rule for several units at once is wild charge)

The faq referenced above is as follows

Fury/Headstrong take effect when the effected unit is given an Order (so for the purposes of the faq fall into the movement question).

Your second point isn’t explicitly answered, but following what they say about Wild Charge (you can roll all of them and then decide what to do with each unit), you’d be able to roll headstrong tests for any units that need it before deciding orders.


For completeness the wording of the respective rules:

Headstrong - “… roll a dice before declaring a Movement order …”

Wild Charge (where variable) - “… before issuing a Movement order to this unit, roll …”

Wild charge has a specific exception which allows us to roll for all units, I believe? which makes it stand out from headstrong which is rolled on one unit at a time.

Only as it has an explicit mention in the FAQ, not from the wording of the rules, which are to all intensive purposes identical

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Yep, I meant in the faq.
So wild charge is the only rule you can roll for all the units.
Headstrong is for a single unit when you choose a unit. Right?

But only because it has been specifically FAQ’d - if the same question had been raised about Headstrong …?

I’ve flagged it on a chat with a couple of the RC and will stick it on Fanatics for interest/discussion

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Wild Charge was supposed to follow the same rules as headstrong; roll before each unit you activate.
But this triggered a glitch with multicharges - how to declare a multicharge if you do not yet know how far the units can move? Therefore, they had to FAQ wild charge to work differently than other such rules, headstrong being among them.


How do you declare a multicharge if you don’t know whether some units can charge at all? :wink:

In my view, the similarity of the wording of both rules would allow rolling all headstrong checks before deciding orders.

Think in stuff like free dwarf or NA you potentially have units with both rules - so have fun working that out if the mechanics are different!

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ah, good point.
It becomes a timing problem. I wonder if players sometime solve it like: “I am CONSIDERING issuing a multi charge to these units here, so I need to check their headstrong rolls first”? :smile: