Heal just needs clearing

Just played today and had discussion about heal …unit in combat can it use heal on itself …I say no as in combat …other player says as self and cc they can use …please could we have advice

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I don’t think you can, as the unit is in combat so can not make ranged attacks.

The spell heal can be cast from a different unit onto a unit that is in combat, which isn’t the same as the casting unit being in combat and casting it.

“Melee and Shooting:
Units that are Engaged with enemies cannot use, or be targeted by, ranged attacks, unless specified otherwise.”

your unit could do a 1" withdraw and then cast heal on itself if it did not take any damage in the previous enemy turn. if it suffered damage, it would be Disordered and thereby prevented to perform any kind of shooting attack anyway.


Heal says ‘ friendly, self, CC’ so yes you can cast it but

What Fred says about being disordered is true. So long as they didn’t get punched in the face in the previous turn you can do it.

Do note the “friendly, self, CC” applies to the spell targets, not to the caster. I am with Fred on the point that spells are treated as ranged attacks and thus cannot be cast from CC.

I was assuming they could disengage

From the rule book:-
“Units that begin their turn Engaged in combat must first Disengage during their Movement phase if they wish to
shoot during their Ranged phase. If a unit is issued a Halt order immediately after Disengaging (including Disengaging that involves a Withdraw move), any normal penalties for movement, including those for Pot Shot or Reload, do not apply. With any other Movement order, any normal movement penalties apply.
Units that are only Engaged with enemy units that are Yielding do not have to disengage in order to shoot. See page 34 for more on Yielding.”

So if you wanted to stay in combat, with a non-yielding enemy then no, no casting on yourself

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Thank you for help . We have just moved over from many years of WFB so just taking in changes …must say lots more fun and balanced from first few games but has lot of hidden depth


it’s that hidden depth that makes players dismiss the game because they see the simple rules and don’t play it enough to see that it’s a framework and you have to USE that framework to get what it enables.

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