Hello from Cheshire

I wanted to say hi and tell you a bit about myself. I am lucky enough to be a full time commission painter (Exiles Painting) and have been for two and a half years. I have acctually painted and sold my figures since I started gaming in the 80s, its how I funded my hobby.
While I started as a historical gamer most of my regular gaming has been fantasy. I am currently building a few armies for KOW. Fantasy(dwarven, Ogre, Goblin, Orc, Halfing) Historical (Ancient Indian, Persian, Hittite, New Kingdom Egyptian) All alongside the day job

Picture is a 16 year old me playing WFB with my Dwarves.
Away from gaming I can usually be found on the sidelines of various sports as a Photographer.

Or walking in the hills with my Dad ( who is a wargamer too)