Help finding lances - Found

Hi there, I’ve been out of the hobby for a few years and my goodness have things moved on! I’m trying to track down some lances which i can use as part of a conversion to turn a set of abyssal horsemen into soul reaver cavalry. I just liked the sleeker armour and bat wing aesthetic over the stock models mantic produce and I hope once painted up they’ll look really menacing. However the spears they come with feel tiny, especially compared with the big beefy lances that the revenant cavalry in my same army have and I’m looking to swap them out for something with a little more punch as befits an elite vampire unit but thats where I’ve started running into problems.

Back in the day I’d have hopped onto ebay and found handfuls as leftover individual bits or from a specialist bitz site but i guess with GWs move back to monopose designs, leftover weapons and such aren’t nearly as common because I couldn’t find anything other than super expensively priced metal compnents for rare models. So then thinking I was being clever I hopped onto etsy hoping to find somebody selling some 3d printed lances but again I’ve come up with nothing, honestly it’s quite embarassing failing to find what i assumed would be a fairly common item in fantasy and historical games,

I dont really want to buy another new box of models (most likely revenant cav) just for the lances as it seems such a waste. So I’m asking if anybody can help with a link to lances available in the UK in the right scale.


Fireforge and Foundry do separate weapon packs but they aren’t going to be as chunky as old school gw stuff simply due to scaling. Mantic soul reavers are pretty big in metal compared to the pvc Abyssal knights iirc

I’ve loads of Fireforge lance arms from a variety of kits (which are bigger the the separate weapons)


Thanks I’ll check them out. This is the problem I’m facing, the lighter cav unit (revenants) significantly outgun the spears currently held by the anyssal horsemen that I want to use as soul reavers.

EDIT - I checked them out and I think this is exactly what i’m looking for. Thanks!