Help Required

Hi All,
I game KoW in 15mm, I know heretic! lol, but I have a huge collection of 15mm fantasy.

One of my armies are Giants, think Jack the Giant Slayer, giants. They are based as ‘regiments’ 3 to a base.

My question is what Stats would you give these regiments?

Pics on blog


If you are going with the usual sized bases you could just use them as Giants as several on base would look right.

They are on a ‘regimental’ size base for my collection with three figures…treating each giant individually and adding up the stats may be a little overpowering.

Hm… so the KoW equivalent would be a base size of 150x50mm?

It’s the same as a Large Cavalry regiment. So statwise, maybe take a regiment of honour guard as a guideline? Or a 50x50 monstrous infantry regiment such as abyssal molochs or northern alliance ice trolls?


Thanks for the tip