Help wanted for Kingdoms of men wizard on Pegasus model

Pretty new to Kings of war but have assembled a pretty decent sized army of Man force. I am looking to add a wizard on a pegasus but am having a hard time finding anything suitable that looks good, any suggestions?

tricky, you can find plenty of pegasi but you will probably have to find a rider.

I like this sphinx as a peg mage mind you

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You’ll probably need to convert something. The only wizz on peg model I can remember is the Balthazar Gelt model (beautiful peg, awful wiz) and getting a couple of these will turn pricy quickly as it’s discontinued.

Maybe someone will sell a recast of these? (And if so, i’d be interested in a couple)

Otherwise, you’ll be cheapest off using fireforge pegasus knights with a converted wizard. (Looking at the sprues, you’ll probably only need another weapon hand and head.)

Edit: That said, it might be a good addition to Mantic’s own line, as quite a few armies use pegasi. (forces of nature, kingdoms of men, league of rhordia). I’d fully support Mantic if the cast is somewhat nice and semi-affordable. (i.e. not more expensive than the fireforge models)


As for mounted wizards, GW’s Lord of the Rings line has some lovely Gandalfs and Sarumans. I’m particularly fond of this one:

Sadly, like everyone off GW, it’s ludicrously expensive, but maybe you can find it second hand if you’re not up to dropping that much on a single wizard…

I’m sure there’s a lot of other companies that produce nice wizards, too.

Theres this one:

Did you work with these guys? Their stuff looks very good!
Edit: this one too :slight_smile:

I have quite a few of their STLs. They work fine.

thanks for your input guys. I found a fireforge noble on pegasus on ebay foe 15 bucks. Once I get it I will either dig into my old warhammer Fantasy bits boxes and convert or look for something online to stick on top.


I took a look around and haven’t found one of Gelt, but I did find the Bret peg lord’s peg:

It also depends on the theme of your army.

I completely agree with a lot of the above comments, but using count-as works great in KoW. These are two ‘wizards on pegs’ for my Eastern/Arab style list.


The Frostgrave wizard sets (they do one male, one female - both with 8 models) are an excellent source of extras etc and are very useful kit

Sceleris- I love your take on wizards on a Pegasus! I’ve got the fireforge Pegasus knights and while being pretty decent miniatures, the flying bases are absolutely useless and bend, leaving the models at some crazy angles. This is something I only found out having glued them in :tired_face: and am now looking at solutions to correct

What I’d do in your situation is cut the flying base off then try and glue/pin the pegasus to a piece of scenery on the base?

This was an example with one of the gw pegs.

I love that. Good idea. I was just going to buy a see through plastic thing, but I’ll either completely steal the treasure chest idea :+1: or , as you say, use another random piece of scenery

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