Help with a Goblin List

Hey Guys,

I am working on my backlog of miniatures to take creative breaks from my twilight kin main army, and pulled out my goblins I use for Dnd. They were my first miniatures ever and are in need of some major love, they don’t even have nice bases yet!

I also wanted to convert the weapons with stuff from my bits box as they mostly have bows to get more variety, so figured it would be cool to kill two birds with one stone and make a fun vanguard list!

What I currently have is 18 goblin models and one troll model. These models include a shaman (wiz), a goblin hero with sword and shield, goblin musician, a goblin commander with sword and bow, a goblin with larger staff (banner-esque) and bow, and 13 goblins with bows (4 different poses). Here is a pic of them, minus goblin musician.

So in vanguard terms I have a Wiz, a Blaggit, a Troll, two potential Biggits and 14 gobbos with undermined fate.

Here are some of my questions, if any more experienced player has time I’d love some help.

  • I do want my list to be fun to play against as well as fun to play, so I wonder how many bows can I get away with while still being sportive? (5 spitter, rabble, biggits and luggits with bows?)
  • I will be getting 4 spitters at least (1 of each pose) if not the full 5 to save my sanity. Would getting up to 5 rabbles with bows be too much?
  • Would the staff goblin above be suitable for a luggit?
  • Would leaving the quivers on after swapping out the bows be misleading?
  • Should I do some heavier converting to get something like a sneak or wingit?

I would take 6 then. Let them run around in groups of 3, so you can make good use of group activations. I don’t think it would be ‘unfair’, because shooting mostly lacks the punch needed for warriors and above.

No, thankfully there is no WYSIWYG-rule in Vanguard. As long as they have handweapons, you’ll be fine.

Go for it!

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Thanks Keno, that’ll help me play around with the list builder :). I though you can get a max of 5? (1 duplicate per 40 points up to 200 points?)

If I consider this, I think I’ll be best making 5 spitters and at least 2 luggits from my assorted group. That leaves 5 for rabble and crazier projects.

That’s true, I forgot. I’ve been building lists for campaigns lately, where you get 400pt.

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I have just finished the sculpting and reposting today (and somehow didn’t injure myself even though they are metal miniatures). I ended up with the following:
1 Biggit with sword and shield
1 Biggit with sword and bow
1 Wiz
1 Troll
1 Blaggit with bow
1 Luggit with bow
1 Luggit
2 Sneak/Stingit (one has fancier daggers)
1 Rabble with spear and big shield
2 Rabble with Spear
3 Rabble
4 Spitters

Should be able to make some fun combinations with that ^.^ Now that I am counting though, I might change one of the rabble back to a spitter (just a handswap) as I got zealous and ended up with 6 Rabble.

I’ll get um painted up and post them soon.

Looking forward for the painted warband!