Herd 500-1000 points

I am going to be attempting to teach a friend on UB2. He was a big Beastmen player back in the WFB days. I thought Herd might make sense to try and teach him. I can barely put a list together on the armies I own, let alone try to build one for a friend. I’m looking for any advice for a 500 to 1000 points for Herd or maybe Forces of Nature. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


At that point level, esp when looking to get people interested, you are better having lists with a variety of stuff in them, rather than list that are really “good”.

Look at regiments of stuff, avoid pricy monsters - see if you can get units that cover all aspects of the game.


What kind of force did your friend use to play and what is his collection like?

I’d try and make something that is similar enough to that so it’s not too much a jump in understanding.

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Sorry I know this was a slightly old thread but I thought this actual may be helpful on low points games:

Also it got me thinking on what to include as an idea on a general list that an old WHFB player might have for models and units. I does not follow all of the advice of the article. Specifically I cheated and used units that cost more than 120 points.

Tribal Spears Regiment: 135
Tribal Warriors Regiment: 120
Centaur Bray Striders Regiment: 160 with Brew of Haste +20 points
Harpies* Troop: 90
Beast of Nature with flying and added attacks: 205
Druid with Heal, Bane Chant: 85 (Inspiring) +30 points Shroud of the Saint
Great Chieftain on Chariot with bow: 155 (Inspiring)
Total: 1000

Anyway I thought it might be an interesting idea for an army to try. I have no idea if it would be good but hopefully fun.

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It’s an interesting and good start for a small army.

I think that because of pathfinder and thunderous charge herd infantry are pretty good.

There are a couple of tough hard to deal with units for a thousand points.

The only problem is if your opponent also has a big tough unit. Even something like a kingdoms of men horde of spear men can cause problems due to the cancelling of tc and ability to soak damage.
This is why Herd often need to play smart. You can’t just charge in. You will need to get those multi charges in the right place.
Fortunately that speed 6 for most units gives you the edge over other infantry.
I think it is a good flexible list to get started with.
Don’t forget to put a fair amount of terrain on the table so you don’t lose the benefits of pathfinder.

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