Herd 500-1000 points

I am going to be attempting to teach a friend on UB2. He was a big Beastmen player back in the WFB days. I thought Herd might make sense to try and teach him. I can barely put a list together on the armies I own, let alone try to build one for a friend. I’m looking for any advice for a 500 to 1000 points for Herd or maybe Forces of Nature. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


At that point level, esp when looking to get people interested, you are better having lists with a variety of stuff in them, rather than list that are really “good”.

Look at regiments of stuff, avoid pricy monsters - see if you can get units that cover all aspects of the game.


What kind of force did your friend use to play and what is his collection like?

I’d try and make something that is similar enough to that so it’s not too much a jump in understanding.

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