Herd models

Hi generals,

Looking at different models than the conventional gw beastmen for tribal warrior,spears and longhorn’s.

Other than thingiverse is there any good 3d print site for fantasy miniatures , that I can get either printed or files I can buy (ok have a friend who will print for me but I don’t like being too cheeky!)

Or any other suggestions welcomed


I quite like these:



Duncan Shadow just dropped this chaos beast set today (available on his Patreon + other places probably):

Amini 3D has lots of animal men, whether new satyrs or old gnolls (available below or on Patreon):


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Nice one guys!! Thanks

I’ve used Northstar miniatures plastic Gnolls for my Herd. Hyena men are a nice change from the usual goatmen aesthetic.


I considered the gnolls. You pleased with the results?

Ok I zoomed in. Wow i like those. Did you have enough in the boxes to make a box of spears etc or is there a certain amount per box

Sadly the box comes with limited parts, 1 spear, 2 great weapons, 2 bows, 1 crossbow, 1 left handweapon, 3 shields, and 4 right handweapons per sprue… There are four in a box. So a few boxes are needed to build a full unit, just means that nothing goes to waste. 5 boxes got me 100 Gnolls, which is:

1 regiment of handweapon and shield (tribal warriors)
1 regiment of 2 hand weapons (Spirit Walkers)
1 regiment of spears (tribal spears)
1 regiment of great weapons (Long horns)
2 troops of bows, (hunters with bows).

The wild beasts or Gur Panthers as they are now called are GW LotR Wild Wargs.

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That’s brilliant information. Thanks so much. Seriously liking the way they look all together

They are nice models, just a bit tricky to rank up at times as they have some dynamic poses.

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Wargames Atlantic miniatures have some plastic fauns and centaurs coming out in a month or two Plastic box sets. The centaurs are £25 for 12 and the fauns ar £25 for 30 I think. Lots of options in box. And their plastics are usually pretty good.

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Thanks for the heads up,I’ll check those out!