Herneas the Hunter cost discrepency

Odd question - GoodArmyLists.com and Battlescribe both list Herneas the Hunter at 135 points, while the Uncharted Empires book (or at least my copy) puts him at 210 points.

Did I miss an errata or something? He is significantly more useful at 135pts.

Yeah, it’s in the errata and the digital versions are now up to date

Where is this errata btw?

I got this one from the Mantic site

But it doesn’t have anything for Uncharted Empires in it.

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Which errata, exactly? I’m with Remy, I can’t find it anywhere in the standard Errata, where are we missing it?

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Points are definitely correct now

May have just been RC comments on FB - then all the errors being corrected in the digital versions?

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Hmm. That sort of thing really should get in an official errata ASAP in my opinion.

Rules system via facebook posts is utter rubbish! If at least it was on this forum then they could have a dedicated thread that people could actually find. Sort it out RC / Mantic! :confused:

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Testify! FB errata is bad for games. It means different groups of people are playing by different versions of the rules.