High Elves ~3K points

Want to post some pictures of my completed army!


Great army @Greven. The flying chariots look really cool. Also the multibasing is awesome the gw high elves with the stone castle bit also very cool. Well done and welcome to KOWforum :+1:


welcome to the forum @Greven that’s a terrific-looking army and some great basing the Palace guard horde protecting the tower is a lovely bit of work.

Smashing display board as well, very strong opening post putting me to shame I believe my first post was “hi” :wink:


Thank you!!! Lots of fun and excited to be on here!!!

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I really like the elves standing on the stormy shores!

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Flying chariots 3d printed myself. (Not resin).

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The Therennian sea guard! One of my favorites!

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Hoping to get to play in my first tournament soon! Im a USA player, not so much going on around in my area. Been playing for a few years with a group of friends. Love the game! Praying for it to gain popularity!

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