Hiring mercenaries


we are finally starting to use mercenaries in our vanguard games and I am not quite sure how this works.
Am I able to just buy any mercenary from the list, considering the list requirements for Support, Command, … or are there some special rules, which I am not able to find. For example, can the basileans hire The Mother Infernal or do I have to keep the alignment in mind as well?
Thanks for your help.

Usually best in campaigns but can be used in one offs if everyone agrees.

If as a one off game then they just cost the points on the card and count as the spell caster / command or whatever that they are.

If in a campaign game then mercenaries cost 1CG (campaign gold) for every 5 points of value.

There is no good/ evil requirements, but you might want to add that in, depending on how you like to play. I prefer to have a good “fluff” reason for a mercenary!

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