Historical in 3rd Edition

There’s been a lot of bits and pieces dropped about 3rd edition, but I haven’t heard anything regarding Historical. Anyone heard or read anything?

Nothing specific. I would expect the rules to get updated at some point after the 2 books come out

I woudl say next year, its a small company and Im sure they have lots of milestones on the release to hit. I’m sure there will be plenty of “human” lists to play until historicals gets an update. Busy bees I’m sure.

Busy indeed. Hopefully the current profiles will be compatible with 3rd, albeit old and probably underpowered. Always had an itch to do a full Winged Hussars cav list.

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I bought the Historicals books. I actually feel they are competive as they are. They lack some things, which means the playstyle is a bit more focused. For when one knows they want to bump up their game and go “300” with all the crazy monsters and wild stuff, there are plenty of tools to play a historicals themed army with giants and creatures. The Japanese theme really looks interesting can can make for some interesting landscapes. Tees with blossoms and fallen leaves for example. I’m saving my “autumn” landscape for the release of salamanders. I want that Lost Empires Couatl flying snake really bad.

If Mantic doesn’t update I’m sure we can get an unofficial player made one. Hopefully, TOs will allow it. Lucky for me, all the GTs I go to allow historicals.

I have hope that they will be compatible. That hope extends to the players with armies from the Uncharted Empires book in the interim between 3rd and when the new army book comes out.

At the beginning of the month, Mantic says on Facebook that they are now focus on KoW until 2020.

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This was a post from Ronnie in a thread about it on Fanatics FB - “Guys, we have heard…and we like that people like playing Roman’s vs undead!! Etc. We dont have a plan for Histroical right now…but it’s clear there’s a desire. So Matt Gilbert and I will have a chat and come up with a cool plan that thrill and excite :slight_smile: … announce we know what it is…we’ll share it with you!”


Well, that’s better than nothing. Interesting that Ronnie didn’t say it would still be playable as is within the new rules…

I don’t envision a big shift, just updating the rules to be inline with the new core rules. A few points cost adjustments here and there.

I doubt that the Historical forces will not be able to play against those in kings of war.

Inclusion and variety all make for a far better experience.


I’m sure the historical armies will be playable eventually at least. Thankfully, I didn’t see any new stats in the images Mantic previewed, so unless there is a new list building requirement like having a unit type “leader” or something, historical’s profiles should still be usable in 3rd.

hopefully if they update the historical side they’ll split some of the lists into more specific lists. some of the lists currently cross way too many eras (roman, egypt, persia, etc) and thus have some issues. splitting them into say two lists each, one ancient, one darkage/medieval, would help there. for rome you might want to do three, one pre-marian reform, one marian reform, and one late roman/sub-roman to reflect the armies during and after the fall of the western empire.