Historical media that can help understand Pannithor

this video got posted recently on youtube, and i think it has a lot to give to the lore of Pannithor in the era after the godwar and war with winter. much of the same political, social, and economic conditions that limited the size of historical armies, would also apply to the armies of Pannithor.

in the same vein, these articles would certainly apply as well, and would help illustrate some of the challenges that the armies of Pannithor would have to deal with.
Logistics, How did they do it? Part 1, the The Problem
Logistics, How did they do it? part 2, Foraging
Logistics, How did they do it? Part 3, On the Move

The preposterous logistcs of the Loot train battle (GoT) and the addendum: How fast do Armies move?

collections: The Battlefield After the Battle

and a good series to help understand some of the religious angles.
Practical Polytheism, part 1 knowledge
Practical Polytheism, part 2 Practice
Practical Polytheism, part 3 Polligng the Gods
Practical Polytheism, part 4, Little gods and big people
Oaths, how do they work?

(seriusly, there are tons more at the Acoup blog, i just don’t want to spam everything and overwhelm everyone… also many of his longer series have been rendered into audio-video form by the youtube channel @AGreatDivorce if you’d rather listen then read it.


A Collection of Unmitigated Pedantry is a great resource. Thanks for collecting the links.

I’ve been listening to the History of Byzantium podcast and therefore thinking about what a mishmash of periods fantasy worlds tend to be and what that means for using historical examples as a precedent.

Agreed that you can’t really assume that everything will be exactly the same. but general conditions tend to result in similar general outcomes. the human realms of Pannithor, for the most part, are fractured and mutually hostile in much the same way that medieval europe (and early modern europe) were, and seem to have a similar level of production and organization to those eras. the effects that would have would suggest their armies would be comparable in size as well.


I have to recommend the acoup blog, its full of amazing info, and also he analyses why fantasy tv shows and battle seem realistic or unrealistic, which is always fun.

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