Hobby time - Terrain basic and Acrylic bases

Broke down and got my nightstalkers from last year back out and rebased them for next “Surge And Destroy” league season.

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Had some interesting ideas, on how I was going to get it done, but over the last year, I coudnt visualize it. I was stumped. When the Northern Alliance came out I knew I wanted something that was going to be their enemy, and I got the idea to have a Dark Runed landscape and have it be covered with snow.

I’ll show the army and the process pictures for you to see how easy it really was and how fast it really went. I had it done in about 4 hours. And it could be done easier depending on what you want to do.




Superb basing.
I’m amazed at some of the armies on this forum.
Works of art.

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Thanks Timmy. I’m glad to share because I feel we can all reach our goals with facinating armies. KoW is a great community.

Awesome looking stuff!

What you running them as?

Thanks. These are Nightstalkers.

Lol, I should been more clear. What do each of the units represent?


2 Shadow Hulks
1 Terror ( centaur dragon bone demon with whips )
Butcher Fleshripper

Nice. How 5 regiments of butchers working for you so far?

I am still working on my list as my 2nd ed list won’t work anymore.

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Wade melted one on 1 shot once. They usually all die. Can be effective. Not the most interesting or dynamic. Depends on how you use them. They are decent nerve, however they dont do much damage so they need to combo charge to break something. Takes some getting used to. Its the Dreamweaver thats awesome.