Homebrewed: Beastmen

Some recent threads got me thinking about homebrewed lists for casual play. I picked Beastmen to have a go at, as I own the minis. I think there would be scope to homebrew other lists, particularly Orcs & Goblins.

I’ve used existing units from a range of lists, rather than inventing any of my own units/stats. These would all count as primary core units for inspiring, spells etc.

This list is trying to recreate a specifically Beastmen list, not any version of Mantic’s The Herd. You could use Herd with allies, Orcs or Northern Alliance to field Beastmen but these options still have limitations and gaps in the lists.

Alignment: Evil

Herd units:
Tribal warriors - beastmen
Spirit walkers - beastmen ahw
Longhorns - bestigor
Tribal spears - ungors
Tribal trappers - ungors bows
Guardian brutes - minotaurs
Gur panthers - warhounds

Centaur chief - centigor hero
Great chieftan - beastlord
Tribal trapper

Forces of Nature units:
Bray striders - centigor
Bray hunters - centigors bows

Druid - shaman (mounted=centigor)
Gladewalker druid - great shaman (mounted=centigor)

Gore chariots - beastmen chariots
Krudger on gore chariot - beastlord on chariot

Trident Realms:
Kraken - cygor/ghorgon

Ogre warlord - minotaur lord (prob with Chalice of Wrath - Fury)

Let me know if you’d use different units, or if I’ve missed anything. Hopefully, this might inspire some other custom lists.


I love all homebrew ideas as it gets the brain juices going!

It seems the existing herd list covers most things well with the exception of a unit to represent a Minotaur lord, I thought they used to have a guardian brute hero?

You don’t see the Minotaur chariots and Minotaur chariot lord as suitable beastmen chariots?

I do think the army is missing a suitable cygor/ghorgon unit. The elementals and tree herder don’t really fit. But wouldn’t a generic giant fit better than the kraken?
What about the beast from northern alliance which has lifeleech?

Looking forward to seeing other ideas people have.

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On the chariots - Speed 6 and Strider seem out of place (from podcasts, this unit was a last minute addition as a catch all for chariots & stampede units). The gore chariots fit my idea of how they would work better.

I went for the Kraken as an alternative to the regular giant as it is a bit faster but squishier - plus a more interesting choice. Had the stat line from 2nd edition at the back of my mind too. The standard giant would definitely work though. I probably wouldn’t go for the cavern-dweller as it’s only Height 4 and not on a 75mm base.

The Herd list is close but in 3rd it is deliberately de-fantasybattling the army, where I guess I’m doing the opposite.

(Archon of Faathi, old Rackham mini)


With the recent Clash 2022 updates, I reckon you could now represent Beastmen well using just The Herd list:

  • The extra speed on the chariots does the trick, and you could always add The Brew of Haste and Mead of Madness to bump up two units to a minimum of charge 16".

  • The Hydra option gives you a Titan sized monster to represent Cygors/Ghorgons.

The only thing missing is a 40mm character to represent a Minotaur Lord (can’t see him flying so the Avatar of the Father isn’t much help here).

It’s a bit sub-optimal, but a wingless Beast of Nature could represent a Minotaur character on a 50mm base.

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Yes no Brutox, returning, though Hydra can be Ghorgon/Cygor - cheap enough and heads rule representing it getting more enraged the more you attack it, though with only 5 attacks base on 4+ (and plus one for every damage it has taken), it still isn’t very impressive and kind of D tier.

Lycan Alpha or Moonfang for Minotaur Lord is another option especially now he inspires Guardian Brutes.

Chariots for Chariots esp now they get extra speed and lose stridder.

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I’d agree on the hydra - the attacks rule gives a flavour of it becoming enraged. Plus the regen can represent its more ‘gribbly’ nature. When I saw the Hydra was an option, I was a bit disappointed to see it had no Rampage attacks (though not surprised due to how its attacks work).

Still happy that it’s been included - I think it could make a fun anvil. It’s not too expensive, just need to go and fight something that won’t one shot it.

The Inspiring change on the Lycan Alpha does make a big difference - but Sp 9 is high. I don’t want my opponents to be surprised as a giant Minotaur belts 18" across the table! I had forgotten about him though (having already discounted him) so will give it some thought.

Appreciate your thoughts on the Beastmen!

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Thinking that the minotaur characters could also be slotted into a Stampede unit. 2/3 of them with some ungor spears and a couple of warhounds as their retinue.