House rule models

Ladies & Gentlemen, everyone has this one model you really want to stage but which will most probably never receive an official mentioning, so why don’t make up your own rule?!?

In this thread I’d like to discuss home grown unit stats to make them applicable and fun to play. Please feel free - no encouraged! - to argue back and forth!


The first mentioning of a GCPS-Titan I found in Facebook (source: GCPS-Titan on FB)

What’s your opinion?


I am slowly digging into the game and house rules, main reason is the focus on Kings of War at the moment, so FF is just a side game

Did also some testing on larger Walkers, mainly with the Puppetswar Battlewalker in mind but also on using the rules for a Vietnam setting
Rubicon is coming up with a full Vietnam range and FF has all the rules needed to recreate the jungle wars and back in the days of 2nd Edition Warpath creating all kind of armies/settings was a fun part of the game, so I would like to see this coming up again

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Thanks for this hint!

Interesting thought about the Vietnam historical…