How do you play night-stalkers without surge!?

The other armies are starting to have discussion threads, so I figured that I would start ours.

Night-stalkers changed a lot, especially with losing surge. What do we think if the changes, does the army still “feel” the same?

What’s working for you? Which units or builds are the stuff of nightmares?

I dont play them myself. It definitely feels different but I welcome the change from shambling to more manouverability. Many units have been changed alot so I think players need to treat it as almost a new list compared to the old one. :slight_smile:

The fearless is the important thing and we kept that.

All the (old) unchartered Empires armies seem more developed to me. They used to seem like stats were made for existing models or a rough idea, but look designed to be their own thing now.

Night-stalkers used to feel like undead crossed with abyssal plus a freaky rule, but definitely have their own unique feel now.

There are so many possible builds with the list.

You have the ‘let’s see how many hordes of scarecrows we can fit’ to the ‘everything flies’ variety.

Club mate plays the latter and pretty much you don’t need surge with the list