How do you store and transport your KoW armies?

Hello there, greatest community of all, I’ve finished my 1000p undead project and it sits on my painting table looking all nice and shiny, but I asked myself how to store and transport all those precious, multibased units? How do you do that? I’m thankful for tips and ideas!

I use Sabol army cases bought from
A becomes pricey with shipping and stuff. But very solid.
A bit disappointed Sabol does not make the Mark2 anymore. The mark3 is not worth buying IMO.
PS: I travel with these as hand luggage on airplanes a lot. And generally do not drive a car to events but public transport and such. The Sabol cases are great for that.

I magnetize the bottom of the units, and then use custom made magnetic boxes: I lasercut MDF and cut thin steel to dimensions of my feldherr cases and boxes, and then transport my armies this way.

Last weekend, I took two 2000pts army to my FLGS in one XL feldherr box :wink:

I’m working on making these available to the public, I’m also prototyping trays for standard really useful boxes (eg 4L and 9L, about A4x8cm and A4x15cm)

I use stackable gem/jewelry trays. Line them with metal, and magnetize all my minis. Borrowed the idea from this post.

Very cost-effective compared to any other storage and transport solution that I’ve seen.

Works very well with plastic models, but anything that is top-heavy can tumble over, so I still weave foam inserts between some models.

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Currently running a cheaper options - which a shoe box with a piece of plasticard stuck to to bottom. The units are then stuck to that with blue tac. Bubble wrap is dumped round/on top.

For the bigger army its a cheap tool box with the heavy stuff on the bottom, a layer of bubble wrap/foam then the rest of the lighter units.

I magnetize all my armies. I then place on a Magnetic dry erase board. When done it just goes on a shelf.


I wanted something cheap and easy and made me a transporting box as explained here:

It is in german but it should be self explaining.

I got the supplies from here:

Works pretty well for me. The only downside is the relative heavy letter tray.


Danke für den Tipp! I will definitely try this simple DIY box. Orders are placed, undead are waiting to spend time in their new Ikea-sewing machine-hybrid crypt!

Btw, I use Feldherr bags (size M) for Deadzone and Vanguard, but they are far too expensive for a whole army in my opinion. Thanks everyone for all the tips!


I’ve used a mix of cases (loads of Reaper’s old cases for WHFB, ArmyTransport’s OOP Battalion bags for my 40k armies) or DIY boxes + foam, but I like what I scrounged up for my TR:

Craft box from JoAnns ($7-10 on sale), pluck foam from Amazon (I think it’s intended for board games that have miniatures?). I made all my unit holes too large, to avoid rubbing, and sort of regretted it … but Gigas getting larger bases means all will have worked out I hope :sweat_smile:

Hi there!
As I said, I followed @Bombastico tip and did a little DIY. Very little in fact, since it was really easy and quick. I magnetized all the bases, put tokens, cards, objectives, dice and a tape measure in the front and…done.

I made a higher part by putting one shelf aside, because some regiments are too high to fit. All in all I’m quite satisfied. It was quick, easy and relatively cheap. It looks and feels solid enough to carry it around and store it. So, thanks again for the advise!


Well done! So there is a case with a front pocket? Can you please provide a link for that? I can’t find it in the shop. I would like to make a 2nd one and the pocket comes in handy for dice, tokens and other stuff.

Miniature arts team wooden case, magnetised bases.


Yes, there is and it fits really good. The only (not insignificent) downside is, that the zipper isn’t at the front but in the middle. So it’s a bit fiddly to get the minis out. Since I use it mostly for storage, it doesn’t matter much to me. Here is the link:

Adding my solution to the mix of options. :slightly_smiling_face:

A case to carry the army (cost about 20 EUR):

The structure I used first to carry my EoD to battles (I think they were still called Tomb kings at that time):

The current structure with my FoN army inside (sorry, not much painted):

All units have magnetised bottoms. The inside of the case is formed from laser cut MDFs with thin iron plates glued at the tops of the pull-out trays.

To store my miniatures and some terrain pieces I mostly use plastic boxes. For the miniatures I often put magnetised foils at the box bottoms, so the models do not move even if I transport the box.

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