How many people play KoW? Dash 28 article

Really fantastic article by Mike Adkins on dash 28:


I found it really interesting, but I am not sure that regularity of reading articles means a person is involved in the event scene so much.

I would like to be involved in the event scene where I live, but the last event was 4 years ago. I read pretty much every article that has come out of dash28 though, so world county as an involved player.

On a separate note, I think dash 28 will grow to the same numbers as counter charge and fanatics in the next year or two. Its younger so now likely to need a bit of time to catch up.

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It’s also worth noting that reading an article on dash 28 requires attention. Subscribing to a podcast and being a member of fanatics is a passive thing, only a % if those people are actually active players