How to build Norhern Alliance From Starter box

Hi all!

Brand brand new to KOW. A buddy and I feeling very disgruntled with GW decided to give this game a shot having long heard many good things about it. so we decided to split the Shadows in the north starter box.

Having…very little knowledge of the game…it would be great if someone would just give me an idea of how to build the Northern alliance side. Do I run a horde…2 sets of 20…4 sets of 10?. this would allow me to just jump in the game…and then when I learn what I’m doing…i can go back and figure out my own builds .

Thanks for any starting advice :slight_smile:


Couple of things to consider about you want to progress.

  1. Are you planning on multibasing (ie fixing the models to an appropriate sized base) or are all the models going to be based individually (al a warhammer)?

The first option potentially means you can use less models in each unit, but (unless you build all in the smallest possible size) can limit the flexibility of the army

  1. Are you wanting to stick to mantic/mainly mantic models for the army?

If not, I’d suggest using the clansmen models as huscarls and source alternatives to use as actual clansmen (frostgrave warriors/barbarians; wargames atlantic Irish/goths; victrix gauls/saxons/vikings etc).


There are new rules coming which have a smaller scale Ambush option, for games under 750/995pts - which covers a starter set.

For a playable list out the box, keeping things pretty simple, you could do the following. Use 16 clansmen in each regiment, 7 in the troop and the 40th as a hero.


Hey thanks!! That’s exactly the advice I was looking for


For later on down the line, should you want to multi base, i build my scenic base with square slots to fit in the minis so i get to multibase with fewer minis but im still able to remove them if i want. Little off topic here but something to keep in mind

Oh! And welcome to KoW!


Excellent answer @Sceleris , and welcome and good question to @Rayphoton .

I didn’t start with the Starter set, but instead opted for the Army Set and then bought the Mega Army set to build a decent Northern Alliance army. I then bought the Vanguard heroes pack to get the Ice Queen, and the Ice Giant was also a must have.
My reason for saying this is to look beyond your initial purchase, as well as getting the most of it. regiments can easily be joined if you want to make a horde of clansmen, but if you arm them with Javalins, you are going to either have to change weapons if you want to change formations later on. Also, consider the bow or two handed weapons option before going too far. All that is down the road, but it might help to keep that in mind too


Welcome to the forum @Rayphoton !
Aren’t there snowfoxes on the clansmen sprue, which you can build into swarms or do I recall that wrong?

Btw, I would go with @Sceleris advice on the list. Also, I urge you to multibase! It became one of my favourite parts of the hobby!


yes there are foxes on there that you can base out for swarmage


This is all good advice. I did come across someone who pulled the foxes to make a fox regiment…so ill be trying for that as well. Thanks!


Welcome to the forum and to this wonderful game!

Northern Alliance makes a great starter as it’s got everything: hardy infantry, powerful monsters and heavy hitters!
Enjoy the first few games and expand from there!

A mate of mine built his army from this exact first starter. Here you can see them in action, a 1,500 point battle against my undead.. (there’s a part two too)

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