How to choose the next project


How do you decide which project will be your next one?
I have found models for 3 different armys and can’t decide whuch way to go…

All 3 factions would be completly new to me from the playstyle…

Any idea?


Hello there

A few ways of going about it;

–Which models do you prefer from among those three armies?

–Which army’s playstyle is the most different from the armies you’ve already painted?

–How important is competitive play to you? Choose the strongest faction from among those three.

–Is there an army not represented at your local shop and you happen to have one of them?

–Is there a color scheme you want to try out and you think it would look better on a certain army?


I think @Fugue summed it up nicely.

I go with whatever is inspiring me most at the time. Usually, that means what paint scheme is the most appealing for me.

For instance, right now I’m looking at 3 possible armies after my current project (Imperial/True Dwarfs);

  • Forces of the Abyss
  • Ratkin Slaves
  • Ogres

I have themes and conversions worked out for all three. But Ogres are the one I’m closest to doing, mainly thanks to having almost settled on a colour scheme.

Out of interest, what armies are you deciding between, and why those ones?


Here are three different armies, and yet, only one army: namely the Northern Alliance.
Let me explain further.

Army one: The Human Army, with lots of Clansmen, Pack Hunters, Huscarls, Frostfang riders, a Lord on Chimera, Orlaf and his raiders ect. Clarion Thegn and Skald
Army Two: The Frostbound army, led by Hrimm the legendary Giant and Serakina The Ice Queen, with lots of Ice Elementals, Bolt throwers, half elf berserkers Ice Kin hunters, Elf Clansmen Ice Naiads, and Ice Kin Master Hunter and Ice Blade
You could even have a Monster dominant army with Snow Trolls Cavern Dweller Giant wolves and foxes and maybe throw some units of Dwarfs in there to unlock other units

and then there is option three: Varungar,
Three (or four) different armies, all in the same army, which can be thrown together if needed for a mega army

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Good Morning and thx for your replys @Nav @Fugue @Rathnard ,

Some background about me/my local group:

  • at the moment I have a freshly finished force of Goblins (shown here in the Showcase area) and my good old EOD
  • our group is somekind of competetive and we have local tournaments and a GT

My thougths at the moment, or the models I’m looking at, are:

  • Riftforged orcs (nobody plays them in my area - how could they - but I’m not sure about the “way to go” or how good they are)
  • TK Elves (and/or “normal” elves…both in a dark style)
  • Ogres (we have already 2-3 playing them)
  • “Khislev” Style (so human, but from the far north could be like NA, or also each other human factions, so a one for all?)
  • Skaven (I have a lot of models, but another horde army…and I think the playstyle is not to different from goblins)
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hi @RitterKuhnibert , i haven’t had time to get a real look at the new Riftforged Orcs to compare them to the older Orcs, but i have an old orc army, and they are generally a good ‘in ya face’ style army that doesn’t hang back but rushes headlong into the fray type of play style. i also have Goblins and Northern Alliance, both of which are flexible enough in models/game style , to prevent one becoming tired of them.
All three armies can be competitive but can also be fun. I also have a Herd army, which generally isn’t rated well in strength comparison, but can be fun, and on its day can do well.
Models wise the Riftforged Orcs are much better than Mantic’s previous orcs… IMHO but having been an Warhammer Orcs and Goblins + 40 Ork player for years means i could be biased on that issue.
The new Goblins and Ratkin are both great sculps models, although i’m not overly fond of the fantasy/sci-fi look of some of the Ratkin .
i like the idea of Khislev humans and was tempted to go for Khislev Bloodbowl team before i settled on Norse. My Herd army is based on Celtic tribe models (Tuatha De Danaan) so there is flexibility in the KOW rules to allow for fun too, as long as you and your opponent understand what each unit is.
i look forward to seeing what you decide on

@RitterKuhnibert well of those, I’d drop two of them straight away. Ogres are less appealing if there’s already a few of them in your meta. And Ratkin are just furry Goblins without a sense of humour. :wink: So they’re out too… unless you maybe want to try Ratkin Slaves? It’s still a Horde army and they’re certainly not considered top tier, but they should play quite differently to both Goblins and regular Ratkin. Then again, I’m mainly bringing it up because I want to build a Slaves army myself!

All of the others (TwiKin, Humans & Riftforged) all look like good options. From a competitive standpoint I’d lean toward Twilight Kin, but Humans have the advantage of being able to use them for multiple armies lf you build them right. Riftforged look like they could be pretty good. It looks like they play like a Bag of Hammers, similar to NA. So that might sway your decision?

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