Hunting packs of dogs Kickstarter (Dwarfs & Abissal Dwarfs)

Hello!, My second miniatures project is comming soon and maybe you would like to know more about it. I will release it on kickstarter in a few days. There will be two hunting packs of dogs with dwarf dog keepers (dwarf & abyssal dwarf). If you or your friends are interested, you can click on the following link “Notify me on launch”:

Thanks for your time. Cheers!


Dwarf fans of both flavours should note this is now live

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Hello, campaign has been launched:

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New add-on added: an Abyssal Dwarf character:

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Backed for an abyssal pack, an extra abyssal pack master and the abyssal sorcerer

They look fantastic

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I didn’t see it in the FB abyssal dwarf group so I’ve just shared it there.

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Thank you very much!

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My models from this Kickstarter just arrived. You can see the quality in the attached picture

Absolutely flawless

Great models full of character