I could use some help with a themed army

I’m trying to get into Kings of War for the first time and I have always been a long time WoW (World of Warcraft) fan. I started Warcraft with Warcraft 2, then Warcraft 3.

I’ve found a lot of burning legion STLs and I’d really like to use them. Demons like the Pit Lord, Doomguard, Dread Lord, Kil’jaedin, Felhound, Infernals, Felguard, succubus, void lords, Shivarra, Wrathguard etc…

Just looking for an army that would fit these neatly. I’m thinking like:

Felguard for troops, Imps throw fireballs so maybe as a ranged unit, voidwalkers and void lords are really tanky, infernals crash down from the sky but are basically golems on fire…

I could include pictures if it helps for anyone unfamiliar to match a stat block to a picture.


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I’m not familiar with WoW, but given your discription you should take a look at the ‘Forces of the Abyss’ (basically old-school demons from hell) or ‘Nightstalkers’ (twisted nightmares from the stars).
Both armies lend pretty well to proxying with other miniatures.


I am familiar with WoW (better dead than horde!)

KptKeno is spot on with his suggestions, I would lean towards Forces of the Abyss for what you’ve got I’ve quickly stuck WoW names into the Abyss regiments that I think would best work. For some you may have to rescale slightly, felhounds being a prime example like a hunter capturing one they shrink :wink: Although because the game is based on footprints you could have fewer on the base to account for the size difference but in game you’ll have to remember they don’t block as much as you think :slight_smile:

the other alternative for some things like the Infernals is to add some allies in from the abyssal dwarfs and run them as Lesser obsidian golems which would also work.

Can’t wait to see what you come up with, any questions poke away, and welcome to the forum


Cool, are they already scaled for 28mm or will you need to adjust the sizes, you think?

Forces of the Abyss is what you’re looking for.
As has been said. I agree with the list @Gerrcinn put up.

Forces of the Abyss is a versatile army with lots of options and the theme matches nicely.
With a bit of thought and imagination into the stats that models could represent should give you what things can could as.

Ivlove this idea!
I never played WoW, because MMORPG’s don’t appeal to me, BUT I was also raised on Warcraft. I even played a bit of the first one.

Where did you get the stls?

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Honestly I just plop the base down in my lychee slicer and resize until it looks like it fits comfortably. So I resized my dreadlord to fit a 40mm x 40mm base for an abyssal warlock (they’re fighty spell casters).

I resized the Pitlord I had until it fit on a 75mm x 75mm Titan base.

Here’s the list I was able to come up with. Any suggestions?

Essentially I have my master list which is basically: What warscroll (I don’t know what they’re called here, I come from AOS) is what unit in WoW, and also; my first draft actual list for play (is it well balanced? Do I have enough infantry/troops vs heroes and everything?)

Stupid question but I can’t find it in the universal abilities rules that I’ve read so far: Does this game have anything like deepstrike? It feels like Infernals would be a great deepstrike unit.


To answer where did I get them?

Imagine Minis, My3DPrintForge, and Sculptooner for the Burning Legion. Others have more common stuff like Warcraft style Orcs (BitetheBullet), Tauren (Lord of War Miniatures, Daybreak Miniatures) etc…

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Thanks. I’ll check those out.

The list looks ok. The most common new player mistake is not bringing enough inspiring.
I looks balanced enough and sensible. On paper at least.
Those three infantry hordes might take some practice to not get into each other’s (and other troops’) way.

KoW is decently balanced, so as long as your list is sensible (I think it is) you’ll be fine.
By the time you are familiar enough with KoW for a more “optimized” list to make a difference you’ll also know your army well enough to tweak the list yourself.


There’s no deep strike/summoning rule equivalents in KoW (the nearest is a Redeploy rule which allows you to move units at the end of the deployment phase, but only certain units/formations get access to it).

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Re the list itself - on the warlocks there is no point in taking Knowledgeable (it’s only useful if you want to take more powerful spells from the Library of Arcane Knowledge) or Incantation of the Tempest (as it is really utter cr*p - since it is a 50/50 roll you really shouldn’t have to pay points for it).

Take Conjurer’s Staff (a guaranteed single reroll) and Amulet of the Fireheart (one use, cast 2 spells in a turn) for the same points