Icarius's Campaign 2022

Recently my friend Icarius motivated me to test his campaign rules with my group of players. Interested, I managed to get a few players together for a session last Saturday. The objective that I set myself is to succeed in making 5 games with each participant.

For those interested in the campaign rules they can be found here : Index campagne 2022 [KOW] - Les figs d'icarius

To summarize, each side starts with 3 campaign points represented by two cards (1 standard relic at 1pt, 1 standard region at 2pts). At each game, each player must put 2 cards from their hand into play as loot (1 face up whose special rules they can use during the game and 1 face down which goes directly into the loot pile). 1 (or more in the case of a multiplayer game) face-down cards from a draw pile is(are) added to this loot pile.

After the game all the cards are turned over and the winner chooses a card, and each player alternates until all the cards have been distributed. In summary, a player who loses will not have fewer cards than before (but not necessarily the same cards), while a player who wins receives 1 more card. Each card is worth campaign points. The winner of the campaign is the side with the most campaign points at the end of the campaign.

For our first session, we had comrade Hervé (Yugi) in Salamanders, Gillus in Goblins and me in Basileans.

In order to make it a bit more immersive, I tried to adapt the story in certain aspects to the cards we drew. There will be more battle reports which I will add as time goes on on this topic. The first 3 should come out fairly close together.

First battle : Goblins versus Basileans at 1000 pts

text version here Les RĂȘveries de Thalantir: Campagne Kings of War : PremiĂšres parties. (english subtitles)

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Second session of the campaign :

Text version : Les RĂȘveries de Thalantir: Campagne Icarius 2022 Kings of War : SĂ©ance 2

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