Ideas for theme lists!

Any discussion regarding theme lists has a few ideas, so I was surprised that this topic wasn’t made already.

What are your ideas for theme list(s)?
Or what would you like to see?


Nice idea for a topic!

I thought the idea of a mercenary list (@MithrilCoyote) from the other thread sounded good.

How about a very dark FoN list with some Undead units - corrupt twisted groves, ivy covered skeletons, too far gone to be Neutral?


The obvious answer for me is orcs and goblins, but I’m not sure how to differentiate it from just taking allies.

Ophidia sounds good too, but again, KoM with allies.

Something featuring seaguard from Walldeep would be interesting.
Elves with Trident Realm elements

Humans and ogres is a cool idea.

Could work with night-stalkers too…


Some sort of Good sea/naval alliance - Seaguard, Trident Realms, Salamander Corsairs, maybe some Aeronauts?

Wouldn’t be my personal preference, but that could work. Could always be a bit of both.

Cursed Cities (Edit: think I prefer Fallen Spires)- an Evil Basilean list (like Varangur to NA), Abyss units instead of Elohi etc. In studying their foe, they become insular and cut off from Basilea, eventually falling to the abyss.


I haven’t read enough of the lore to know how this could work - who would provide the master list etc? I think it would be popular as many people play/collect both. Probably needs some sort of Pannithor specific hook. What do you want to be able to do, that you can’t do now?

Edit: Maybe use trolls to bridge the two armies (no pun intended)? Orcs and Goblins fall in behind a Troll King/Tribe? Or the same but with Giants?


With regards to the KoM style ones, Ophidians are the obvious one for a theme list, rather than simply KoM & Ubdead/EoD.

There are also the odd tit bit of background that just looks like it could be fun exploring

Armada makes frequent reference to the use of ogre mercenaries and some mixed race crew, which potentially fits with one of the previous suggestions.


Since the post on Facebook, I’ve been thinking.

A Vampire/Ghoul/Deathpack no Surge Undead theme could work really well, but they’d likely want a mid-range infantry choice… or a ranged option. What really stands out to me tho is that the Theme should have a Liche equivalent … a caster Vamp!

And an army buff that either gives Fury or more Lifeleech. Not more damage, Vamps already do so much.


Mostly because it’s often requested by old Warhammer players who think that’s how it should be .
I could see “braver” goblins (i.e. mose scarec of orcs than you) and some contraptions that would be useful to orcs.

Re vampire list.

Maybe a thrall type unit, representing the enthralled human followers? Could give you some basic shooting and a middle of the road combat unit - armoured over the ghouls but without the killing power of the soul reavers?


A pure Elemental list - the ones from FoN, plus Ice Elmentals. More Ember Sprite style units, upgrades for Greater Elementals and some unique units. Maybe some Elemental casters so no Druids etc are needed.


You could get some fun “split” theme lists by looking at the Celestials and the Shining/Wicked halves of the gods aspects (shining doesn’t mean good, wicked doesn’t mean evil)

That’s how I’ve been modelling my Ghouls. :smiley: As Cultists and hopefuls… or rather battle fodder and/or snacks!

I wouldn’t be opposed to bringing in Night Raiders from Varangur, different flavour but name and stat-wise they fit. Something close to the Spear Phalanx without the Ensnare option from KoM to slide into the mid-range defensive option. Would be pretty neat with Fury, just a whole wild bunch.

Rackham’s world of Aarklash had something similiar - Light and Darkness were actually Clarity and Obscurity.

All the suggestions for new theme lists are fun, but the more realistic/possible ones will included 100% Mantic ranges. The human mercenaries or thralls etc would have to come from Basilea or Northern Alliance. Mantic are only going to release new theme lists that are based around their ranges, the existing ones that aren’t are to cater for legacy armies.


You say that, but Herd struggles to cater to Beastmen, and Sylvan Kin don’t cover all of Wood Elves. So really, its not like that’s been consistently applied since the 3rd edition revamp.

Besides, Mantic isn’t going to make any of these. Its homebrew!

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IMO that’s Mantic deliberately beginning to move people towards their ranges (understandably), whilst still letting people use legacy armies. Rather than just say there’s nothing for old Beastmen players, they made the list more FoN & Lycan. I just think future lists will be all Mantic. Understandably, they’ll create rules that promote their own sales.

All the list ideas are fun, create away!

I’m setting myself the extra restriction of Mantic only. Who knows, maybe someone stumbles over one of the ideas and runs with it?


I mean yeah but giving Herd Giants so they can run their Cygors would’ve been so easy.

The open models style of KoW is such a draw for people, I don’t know why they’d give that up. Look to GW to see how ‘army balance determined by model sales’ works as a game design style… people who love the Cool New Toys will find a use for them anyway!


Alright, not my most polished idea, but here goes

Religious Cult Goblins! Lots of basic goblin units, with a few added elementals and similar instead of trolls and similar. I’ll post a better breakdown when I’m not at work.

I’d prefer Kobolds, but goblins are already made by Mantic.


Yes, I can definitely see Goblins encountering something new and getting carried away with it!

What’s been rattling around my brain!

When it comes to the way a goblin’s mind works, it generally falls into one of two categories. The first is the normal goblin, who looks at everything and wants to do it all. He can’t keep his attention to one thing and will flit from one thing to the next. He never gains enough to be good at something other than being sneaky and devious. One minute he may work on gadgits, the next he’s trying to tame a mawpup. These are the goblins we are used to, and the most predictable.

The other type of goblin is rarer, thankfully, as they are much more dangerous. These are the Hyper fixated Goblins, who find one thing of interest and never waver from it. They may devote themselves to one task or path, and will do everything to learn any random fact or bit of knowledge in that field. These goblins are infininately more dangerous than your standard goblin if they band together. Unfortunately for the world, this is exactly what has happened with the Cult of the Pyre.

The Cult of the Pyre is on the surface a Goblin Religion, which in itself is strange enough, but the truth goes much deeper. The members verge on the obsessive, willing to make whatever sacrifice is needed for the victory of the whole. This is almost the opposite of most goblin armies, but the actual prevalence of tactics is about the same. Being fanatical and obsessive doesn’t make one a good general. The feeling of being lost and belonging may be enough to galvanize their spirits, but it’s not enough to guarantee victory.

More to come about the cult itself (Flame cult).

Units from the main goblin list

Fleabag Riders
Fleabag Sniffs

Other existing units

Ember Sprites
Fire Elementals
Greater Fire Elementals

New Units
Charredgits - Infantry
Draggits - Large Cavalry
Fire Starter - Infantry Character