If you go down to the woods today

Here are the collated pictures of my Sylvan Kin/Elf army.

Core of it are a GW sylvaneth starter set (with some extra dryads), two sets each of mantic forest shamblers and warlord/erehwon tree men, a box of Oathmark elves and a box of Fireforge mounted sergeant at arms. A GW warcry chaotic beasts set is in the WiP pic.

Basing is plasticard, with foam matting for the height, tile grout and fishtank sand. The foliage is from pound land fake plants and the ruins were picked up from a trade stand at an event early in the year.


Really nice stuff dude :slightly_smiling_face:

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You did a really nice job on those, in my opinion, fugly Mantic Forest Shambler models!

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I love those treemen. And the dragon, and the wings on those WIP-flying-I-don’t-know-what-they-are. And most of all I love the basing.

Great work!

Your work is providing great inspiration for my next elf army.

Amazing work.

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Cheers mate. Finding that having themed basing, even something as relatively straightforward as these, really helps. Its probably the thing I’m happiest with across a number of armies how each of the basing schemes has worked.

Yeah, they weird chicken/lizard things areca bit odd, but fun models

Got round to finishing a troop of treeleapers.


They all look great

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Couple of units of gur panthers - other half of the models from the Warcry chaotic beasts kit.


Wiltfather finished.


that is a sweeeeet model, nice work

Couple of repurposed units of ‘elf’ archers. Will look to add a box of Oathmark light elves as the main archer units, while the gw LotR mirkwood ranges will be gladestalkers


I’m adding some additional units to this to make it workable as a Forces of Nature one.

Another unit of hunters of the wild.

Pair of beasts


Wingless beasts, some druids, and a few other bits done.


Sweet! Just where did you get the dragon models? I would like to know for future army building purposes. Also, how did you get the Dryads to look like that? Did you mix dryad arms and heads with daemonette bodies? You did a very good job.


The ‘big’ dragon, which is running as a drakon horde, is a schliech toy from Amazon. The smaller one is from the Nolzurs/WizKids range.

The bulk of the dryad models have been made straight out the kit - there are a couple of units (the ones with the very green paint scheme) that were daemonette bodies with dryad heads/arms

Woodland critters


Some more centaurs