I'm having trouble building Dwarf Sharpshooters, and looking for advice

Hi everyone,
I haven’t built Sharpshooters before and 3 of 5 have gone together easily enough, but I’m having trouble getting the pairs of arms to fit on plastic bodies; is there a trick to it that I’m missing? Or is it just a case of needing to clip and file parts until they fit?

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Haven’t built the Sharpshooters yet. Are they hard plastic or the slightly softer Restic/Plastic?

When building Cavalry (Restic) and Resin models a pot of hot water usually did the trick. When put in hot water you can easily bend and repose these models. Then put into a pot with cold water when done reposing.

Not sure if it will help in this case, but it s what came to mind after wrestling with Restic/Resin kits.

(Just carrful when bending pure resin parts. If the water isn t hot enough or the part is too thick it may break rather than bend.)

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1 is fully metal, 2 are metal torso’s that glue straight on to grey plastic bodies (pvc, I think? the same stuff Ironwatch and Ironclad are made from) and then the last are 2 pairs of metal arms holding guns, that need to be fitted to bodies.

Thank you for the advice on restic too! I’ll keep that in mind when working on resin minis

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Unfortunately, from when I built mine, I had to file down both the front edges on the plastic torso where the arms fit and also the inside of the shoulder of the metal arms to fit them. Once I did that they fitted fine.


Oh yeah these things…

You just have to cut and clip and file until they kind of fit together. Then you need to deploy liquid plastic or green stuff to fill the massive gaps - especially if you want them aiming straight.

Worst miniatures I’ve ever had to build in thirty years. Welcome to the club.

On the plus side I actually love they way mine turned out in the end. Painful process though.


I had to bend the metal arms and shave the shoulders on the plastic torso.
The arms were too close (i.e. too narrow at the shoulders), so I gently pulled them apart and then did the opposite once they were in place over the torso.

I have also found that with Manitc dwarfs the gaps that look terrible while assembling are not noticeable once models are painted.
They’ve under belts or bits of armour and not very visible when looking down at the models.