International Campaign Day - Edit: February 8th!

Any news to when the next one will be? We are eagerly waiting for it… :slight_smile:

Yeah, our playing group is also missing the ICD. They were great! Sadly, I do not recall when exactly was the last one, about a year ago? They used to be 2 the previous years, in January and summer if I remember correctly.

I think the last one we played in was late last august(2018). Might have been something after that, but in that case we have missed it… :frowning:

I don’t think it was missed let me send a quick message over and see if I can get some info on it if there is any.

I am fairly sure on an educated guess that’s it’s a combination of real life and 3rd edition that have messed with its schedule.

So you haven’t missed it . It’s been delayed mostly because they wanted 3rd edition to get settled in. There is no official timeline yet and they need to discuss and organize it for early 2020 still but it might be early February.

Stay tuned!!


Early february would be awesome (no other KoW activity planned around here in this month so far :blush:)

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From the ICD-group on Facebook:


We will officially be hosting the 5th International Campaign Day on Saturday, February 8th! The campaign will start at 10 AM in Melbourne Australia local time and will finish up at 8 PM US Central time in the US/Canada/South America time zone.

The campaign has grown so large that we’ve brought on some additional representatives to manage it all, please welcome Mohd Gaddafi, Steve Hildrew, and Mikhail G. Perlov who have all agreed to help run the event and keep our tallies going through the 24-hour campaign.

The format for this ICD will be the same as previous iterations with 3 timezones and 4 games per each timezone running for a full 24 hours and a total of 12 games played throughout. Each battle will contribute to bonuses for areas and overall and will also factor into determining an overall narrative.

As always, we are in search if site managers willing to help run games in their local areas and report results to us, the overall managers. This should be a low-stress position and remember that the only thing hard and fast about the ICD is making sure that battles are reported in time so that they can be factored into the overall results.

If you are interested in becoming a site manager, whether it’s just for you and a buddy or for 20 other people, it doesn’t matter, please contact either Kris Kapsner, myself, or any of the others tagged in this post to get you set up.

Looking forward to this for some time. We had planned for an event this year, but it got delayed and the announcement for 3rd lead us to push it further back, but now we have an official date for you to plan on and we’re excited to throw dice with everyone and fight for the forces of good, or evil, in February!


Sounds fantastic in every way except I will be out on a 10 day ice climbing trip not near my gaming friends for this one. Oh well dang it anyway. I really liked the last one.

Just one month to go… :hugs: