Into the Rift

More info Wednesday the 28th of October.


what a tease! LOL

Oh good, a lightning and flaming dirt supplement! LoL

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can it be…a battle report?

Light the beacons Mastercrafted calls for aid!


@Gerrcinn it could be a weather report


Haha, thats one poor teaser… :sweat_smile:

I just hope that some physical gaming is involved (not only UB action) … :slightly_smiling_face:

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here after the storms last night I wouldn’t mind one, what was it like with you in the south?

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i’m in Leitrim, which rarely classes as south by any means, but it was blustery last night. Sun is shining now though

I’m up in Antrim, everyone is south of me, apart from those bastards on Rathlin :wink:

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Aye, you don’t get farther north without getting wet feet, to be sure