Intro / New to KoW

Hi all! As title says, just wanted to make a quickish intro post!

I’m Mike, live in Houston, TX. Been a wargamer since around 2012, mostly GW games. I’ve played a few games from some other companies, but 40k has pretty much reigned supreme everywhere I’ve lived.

I’m definitely more of a hobbyist/painter than a competitive gamer, so the direction of the last few years for GW (constant rule changes, constant need to buy new books etc) finally got to me. Can’t keep up with them anymore, 40k lost its appeal. I don’t play games very often anyways, so no big deal. KoW definitely seems more up my alley! Simpler rules, less books, and from everything I’ve seen - way less cutthroat than a casual game of 40k can be, with a way more laid back community.

I played a quick game of KoW back in like 2015 and thought it was great, but again… 40k dominates Houston. Going to try to give it another try with more tailored expectations this time going forward (won’t be able to find easy pickup games, will likely need to plan for some regional tournaments to meet people and get in games, etc), but this sort of suits my overall hobby style more anyways. I picked up a good sized Abyssal Dwarf army a few years ago on our local swap page on FB, and just got around to building them a few weeks ago. Picked up the Orc Army to be able and push some small armies around against each other to try and learn the game a bit at home, while watching batreps. Hoping to be able to finish painting up enough points of Abyssal Dwarves (with the orcs as slave orcs) to be able to get in some games at Adepticon and some of the tournaments here in the south in the next year or so! Long term, I have a bunch of forest goblin models (GW and Shieldwolf) in my pile of shame, so I believe my first big army I want to chip away at will be goblins (BTW… any suggestions for what to use the Arachnarok Spider for in KoW? Model is too great to not find a way onto the table)

Anyways, thanks for coming to my TED talks. Looking forward to learning from y’all!


Welcome to the forum! The community here is great, though a lot of people suffer from serious plastic addiction!:wink:



The arachnarok crops up in a lot of battle reports I’ve seen. I think it’s usually as a horde of chariots?


I’ve had the addiction for a while now. It isn’t going anywhere lol

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Ah okay that makes sense! I figured someone figured it out already!

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welcome @nscg4149

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Hello and welcome! This is a great place to be, you’ll find a lot of good hobby and painting advice here.