Is there a Samurai List

I am looking for a possible KoW list for Samurai army

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The 2nd edition historical supplement had a Japanese list but I would just make a samurai army from one of the 3rd edition human fantasy lists. These are basilea, kingdoms of men, league of rhordia, order of the brothermark and order of the green lady. I personally lean towards recommending brothermark from my very limited knowledge.

Which you use depends a bit more on what you had in mind to field, what kind of troops do you have in mind for your samurai? In particular what kinds of weapons etc. Do you want fantasy elements (maybe mythological monsters?) and are you interested more in pre or post gunpowder?

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Thanks for the quick reply.

In addition to the above, have a look at both elves (for a more elite style list) or Varangur (which also have a variety of hard hitting man sized units).

Both will also have scope for you to go with mythical elements.

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elves make a good port for samurai armies.
Spearmen / bowmen = ashigaru
palace guard = samurai
stormwind = mounted samuari
silverbreeze = mounted samuari archers
dragon/drakons= what samurai doesn’t want to befriend such a celestial ally?
Elite across the board summarises (the legend of) the samurai perfectly.

dash '28 has an excellent example.

Otherwise, both basileans (including the brothermark theme list) and kingdoms of men (including the league of rhordia theme list) have plenty of options if you want to go slightly less elite and more realistic.