Is this the best place for Armada rules questions and general dialog?

I am primarily a board gamer, so for me BoardGameGeek is my go to for most things. However, for Armada there is next to nothing on BGG because it’s considered a wargame. Is this one of the best forums to come to for rules questions or general dialog about the game and strategies and such? I would love to know what the BGG equivalent is for this game.


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There’s some armada players here, if you search for armada, you’ll find these players around.

I would love to play the game, I even painted a fleet but until now I haven’t had the opportunity to do so more than once or twice.

The most active place is the Armada Fanatics group on facebook: Armada Fanatics | Facebook

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Best place to ask rules questions is the aforementioned Facebook Armada Fanatics group: Armada Fanatics | Facebook This is the place with the best response time, especially when you tag Mantic Rules Committee members in the OP in case of some more difficult questions.

There’s also an active Armada discord: Mantic Fans

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