Isn't this great?

This hobby really is a wonderful thing isn’t it. As I approach 24 years in tabletop gaming I find myself as keen as ever for more. I think we all experience lulls and slow hobby times. But I am freshly invigorated once more and busy building, converting, and even painting and playing. It’s been some time since I’ve had any enthusiasm for any of that, and it’s always a wonderful feeling to come back to.

Having had two games of Kings of War in the last week has only put the icing on that cake. Writing new army lists never gets old, sitting back and looking at your masterpiece thinking

oh yeah

My plan for the new year is to try and keep that going. So if anyone is in and around Nottingham and wants a game on a Friday evening, let me know. Once the ogres are done it will either be Halflings, Salamanders, or Riftforged Orcs I think. Or Ratkin. Or Brothermark. Or Northern Alliance.

Definitely one of those.

This hobby generally has been a major part of what has kept me going over the years through good times and bad. I played Fantasy for 19 years, and Kings of War is like the nostalgia of that, with even better rules. I do need to get an old S shaped dragon again though, I love those. Perfect combination of height and footprint. Much like the Mantic giant, it’s imposing without being impossible to move around.

It’s exciting to see the miniatures improving so rapidly too. Totally different to what they were even three or four years ago.

Was there a point to any of this? Not really, just enjoying myself with some rank and flank again, and good lord I’ve missed it.


I’m up for a game. I’m Derby based but can sometimes get to Mantic HQ. Would have to be the New Year at this point though.

I agree about the S Dragons they were ace. I have Imrik v2 and Egrimm’s dragon waiting to be painted one day…ONE DAY!


Totally agree, didn’t realise how much I missed playing the game and chatting to the players.

It’s just great to talk nonsense with people who wear the same colour anorak as me.

I’m currently at the end of day one of a two dayer in Stockport and I’m shattered from travel, concentrating, playing and talking nonsense all day.

I cannot stress enough how much help it’s been to my mental health.

This community rocks. ( or whatever the youngsters say these days :grinning:)


yeah I’m not free until the New Year anyway, I’ve got a covid booster next Friday, then it’s Christmas and I have two weeks off with my girlfriend

Imrik v2? daaaaamn, I’m jealous

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it really makes a big difference doesn’t it?

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Hugely, I’ve only just finished the event and I’m thoroughly thoroughly exhausted from concentrating all day. Hugely competitive day, and amazingly enjoyable after all this time. Great seeing old friends and new.

I’ll sleep better tonight than I have in months.


This sort of hobby in general, and more specifically KoW, has done so much to keep me motivated and the community - both online and in person - is almost universally friendly and encouraging (unlike other game systems!)

The whole covid lockdown thing was (obviously!) tricky - and some people lost the mojo - not being able to meet and play, fell out of the game or lacked interest in doing things

Quite a few people I know only really get motivated to paint stuff to use in an upcoming events (even if the painting is done in 3 days before it!).

I build and paint armies to relax and for enjoyment, rather than to win events with - so the covid thing gave me an excuse to build about 30k points of 5/6 different armies (and 30+ ships for Armada!)

I’m never going to win painting awards - I know this, simply as my painting style/technique isn’t the highest standard, but I never stress about it (which again can be a problem with some people - esp considering some of the really top notch stuff here and FB etc) .Cohesive colour schemes, basing and random weird stuff(!) gets enough positive responses so I’m happy.

Tournament participation is along the lines of the above - great fun, great people and I usually finish somewhere in the middle!


Absolutely. The last few years have been incredibly difficult for everyone and it’s wonderful to have a hobby to keep you going, give you a goal, friends, competition if you want it. Certainly makes a huge difference to my life.

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