Issues Building 1K Army List - Abyssal Dwarves

So some friends have got into KoW and I would like to get in on it. I decided to go Abyssal Dwarves; mainly because I have 2 Chaos Hellcannon Models I’ve never got around to using.

Anyway, I’m on Easy Army trying to make a list. I want to include 2 Angkor Heavy Mortars, however it won’t let me, even though I have a horde of Infantry and a Horde of Large Cavalry.

The error I get is “Warning: Too many Hero/Monster/War Machine/Titans!”

However I can add other War Engines alongside the Angkor.

Have I done something wrong here or does the List builder itself have an issue.



At that low points you aren’t allowed to duplicate the same war engine, hero, or monster. Hence why you can add different war engine.


if you have the free rules it’s on page 34. In a standard 2000 point game, players may only take the
same Hero, Monster, Titan or War Engine unit a maximum of three times.

For other point sized games use the following

Point Limit Max Duplicates
0-1499 1
1500-1999 2
2000-2999 3
Each additional 1000 points +1


What they said.

You need to be over 1499 points to add 2 of the same hero or monster or war machine to the army.

Good news with AD though is you can add the second one as a g’rog mortar instead, almost as good. Just make sure your opponent can tell which is which.


The guys have given the reasoning - and in any event 2 heavy mortars at 1k wouldn’t leave you many friends :wink:


that’s a good shout, just add less crew to the smaller cannon

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