It's an Ambush!

Some friends of mine have been putting a lot of work into growing our local scene here in Vancouver, BC. They’ve organized an Ambush League that’ll take place over the next few months.
I was planning on finishing this small Rift Forged Orcs force and unveiling it all at once but I get more enjoyment out of sharing my progress through the process.

115 pts down, 885 to go with this troop of Morax!


Been working on getting some more units on the table this month.
Added a regiment of Thunderseers, Stormslayer, and a Stormbringer.
The Stormslayer (Molik Karn) I painted about 2 1/2 years ago but touched up today.
The Stormbringer (Tyrant Xerxis) was painted by one of my good friends, years ago now.


Skorneforged Legionaries done!


WIP of my Reborn Legionaries. As they are inspiring, I really wanted them to have the feel of returned epic heroes. We’ve got a standard bearer to raise the icon of the Shadowmoon and a little mutant elephant monster dragging along a sack of their stuff (weapons and things).


Finished the Reborn! They are complete with a small, mutant elephant monster that carries around a sack of their spoils.

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