Jimmi's super speedy undead - 1500pts

Hi all, this is my quick n easy 1500pts undead list I finished over Xmas. Comments and gushing appreciated :laughing:

Wraiths Reg 185
Wraiths Reg 185
Wraiths Reg 185
Soul Reaver Cav Troop 165
Soul Reaver Cav Troop 165
Wights Reg 155
Vampire Lord on Dragon with Healing Potion 320
Jarvis 140


How’d you find wraiths in regiments instead of the obligatory troops? I do understand you need them for unlocks; but the alternative is to regiment up the soul reavers and use the wraiths as troops. Would that work out?

Is there any particular reason you use Jarvis? Would a normal necro (with steed, inspiring talisman and bane chant) not be a much better fit for your army for fewer points?

Another thing: I love your dragon-in-flight! Mucht less static than most dragons! Am I right in guessing he needs rebasing already?

Very nice and clean ‘ghost paint’. I’m no fan of the yellow eyes though, I think it doesn’t fit in the pallette very well. Your bases are brilliant! They look really realistic and are a good contrast to the bright ghosts. I hope to see more soon!


The Wraiths in regiments are pretty cool to be honest, nice and tough. Don’t get me wrong tho - it’s just a funzies list, rather than a competitive one.

I went with Jarvis because he was a nice round way to finish out the army for the right cost and give very inspiring, and surge 8

I’m not sure I understand what you mean about the dragon needing rebasing though? :slight_smile:

the contrast amidst the excellent forest bases really works well! nicely done.

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Vampire lords on dragons are titans since KoW 3rd edition, and therefore on a 75*75 mil base. Yours looks like the old base, a 50x50 base, is that correct? (It could be that I misjudge based on the picture size)

Edit: fortunately, rebasing a 50x50 to 75x75 is easy. Here’s mine:

Blockquote Vampire lords on dragons are titans since KoW 3rd edition

Ah I didn’t realise this. le arse! Thanks for letting me know

What manufacturer are those minis? They look very good.

Erm so the dragon, and wraiths are GWs LoTR range, the Wights and cavalry are GW AoS range, and the Jarvis model is a reaper mini :sunglasses:

Oh man you just made my day. I own all of these models, assembled and ready to go!
I’ve been struggling with trying to put together my god damn Nightstalkers without instructions. I may throw this together instead.
Add some chaff later and I’ll be set at 2K.


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Let me know how it goes :relieved:

How did you do the paint scheme? I’ve attempted in the past with single minis and not managed to look this good.

I’ve always wanted to pull off this blue-wispy undead army. I feel like I should.

What colors did you use to get this effect? I’m sure you used a lot more white than it would seem.