Joe's Elves

A while back I was in IKEA and found this lamp in a bargain bin near the checkouts. I think it was two or three pounds. I thought it might make a good mount for a Kindred Lord.

This weekend I followed through with the idea. I used the body and Lance from a Perry War of the Roses knight but with the head and shield from a Mantic elf sprue.


That’s pretty cool.

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way cool

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Thanks both!

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I love that. Bugs and elves in general go together well, and that was great deal!

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That’s pretty neat!

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I won some hobby prizes at the Pride of the Shire tournament at the weekend, and chose a tree herder with my vouchers. A lovely model to paint.



i saw this earlier on Fb, a very sweet job

Way to follow through on a lucky find, end result is great and very unique for a Drakon Lord :clap:

Excellent work on the tree as well, appreciate the foliage.

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Nice Tree! :slightly_smiling_face: Makes me want to finish mine even more :wink: