Jørgens Undead

Yay! Long time lurker, first time poster.

Painted my last 3 undead minis yesterday. This is my complete undead army. Minis and parts from Mantic, Reaper, Black Tree Design, Ral Partha, Rackham, Artisans Guild, GW and Puppetswar.

Started assembling the first minis in june 2015. Searching through old emails reminded me that we were actually transitioning to KoW 1 at the time, and when 2nd dropped we never looked back!


they look fantastic. The colours work really well together.

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Fantastic army.

Love the wonderful mix of manufacture’s you have put together and how well they look lined up in army formation.

I’m sure you know already in your heart that this army will never be finished. The best ones never are. :wink:

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Really nice! I like the cool colour pallet combined with the winter theme. They look outright etherical and… ‘dead’.

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At least one Privateer Press in there too (photo #7) :wink:

Awesome army, props on all those minis from all those different sculptors.

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That is true! Bought that to be my screamer in V2 Nightstalkers. Planned to make this a multi purpose army, but dropped it when Mantic released their NS line. Now it serves as a Goreblight. Swirling energy things representing the Cloak of Death.

Looks great - awesome stuff.

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An impressive army! Nice to have so many options to play with.

Good to see Varghar in there - one of my favourite minis.

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