Just want to introduce myself

Hi all,

I just want to introduce myself and I think that this will be the right place to do so.

I want to start with Kings of War and it will be the Nightstalkers.
My name is Torsten, I am from Hamburg (not the one in the US). I am 50 years old and since 30 years I am into wargaming/tabletop.

At the moment my favourite games are Carnevale and Guildball.

Hope for some nice insperation in these forum.

Best Regards,



Hi mate,

Welcome to the forum and the game! Good to see fellow Europeans around here!

Vince, Netherlands

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maybe we see us on a tournament in Osnabrück :wink:

Hallo Torsten,

Welcome to Kings of War and to this forum.

Kings of War is a very good game und Hamburg has a very good community for it.

Greetings from Cologne :slightly_smiling_face: