Karak - A family dungeon crawler

Just a quick recommodation for all wargaming dads on the forum. I bought my son ‘Karak’, a dungeon crawler with child-appropiate illustrations, easy rules and no reading for his fifths birthday. Sice then he loves it and so do I! There are even miniatures of the heroes aviable (getting those for Christmas).
It’s a quick, fun game with a nice set of easy rules. Components are ace!


Great suggestion! For those with slightly older kids, my 6 and 8 year old love dungeon saga (I do have to be careful with the pictures and fluff for the six year old though!)


Great suggestion! In a few years, Mice and Mystics is another great option.

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I’m interested in getting Dungeon Saga. (It’s got cool models we can paint!)

I have a 5 and 8 yr old.

My 8yr old is captivated by my model collection and I think he be keen, (not too sure about my 5yr old though)

Do you play as a dungeon master Vs your boys or do you use the card ‘AI’ system to control the baddies??

As for Karak is their a dungeon master player or is everyone a hero?
Do the hero’s co-op or compete?


Think the HeroQuest reboot is hitting the EU in the new year.

The crack cocaine of hobby introduction products. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Karak has no dungeon master. Every player is a hero. You play against each other, without fighting each other directly (except for Arena tiles from the first expansion). Your goal is to get more treasures than the other players before the dragon is slayn.

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Sounds great Keno.

The D&D board games are good products for the older child as well.

Bursting with miniatures and floor tiles as well.

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Interesting! That reminds me a bit of the “Dungeons” board game. That one is a favorite with my nephews, so this looks like a good choice for them too.

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I tend to be the dungeon master and let the kids have a couple of heroes each. My son (8) tends to be the Wizard and the barbarian, whilst my daughter (6) is the dwarf and elf. I’ve considered letting my son dm but haven’t done yet, he could probably manage it with a bit of prompting.

I’ve also played with them and two of their friends (same ages) with one character each and it really makes them plan things between them!