Kay's Ambusheseses

Some really cool person wrote this and I think you should see what they have to say.

I’m working on multiple Ambush armies, so I shall keep them all here


Working on something rather different for Ambush. A partly non-Mantic force. I’m from the Isle of Man, where Celtic traditions still hold strong, and I wanted a force to represent that. So I’m making a Herd army, as the high movement, pathfinder, and thunderous charge coupled with low defence seems ideal. Two regiments of tribal spears using Warlord Celts, a unit of Longhorns, probably using Warlord Dacian Falxmen, a regiment of earth elementals, which look stunning in resin now. Some ogres as a regiment of guardian brutes. The FoN Druid, and another undecided hero. At some point probably some chariots so that I have an excuse to buy those beautiful Victrix Celtic chariots.


fancy stuff. I imagine Nav won’t be long in spotting this. Afterall he has a fondness for the celts in kings also.

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thanks, I’m finding that Ambush is really allowing me to go wild with ideas, and historical plastics are even cheaper than Mantic. One box of Celts is easily enough for two regiments, or even three by the time I’ve got trees on the bases.


I’ve a bunch of romans to use, but they’re all lead so no savings on them :slight_smile:
Looking forward to playing more ambush to sucker other people in though

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Lead Romans seems like a suitable pairing, plumbum romanus.

yesss, sucker in all the Ambush victims

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Snow dwarfs.


I want to make a few units of snow dwarfs that could either be a dwarf Ambush force, or dwarf units to go in a Northern Alliance army.




Cannon on skies is particularly fun.


yeah I rather like the ski cannon I must say

Snorfs and Snarfs are both great names, I was going to suggest Frost midgets but I worry it might be a bit politically incorrect.

Indeed so