Keith Conroy's US Masters winning Herd list

The list from

I’d be interested in people’s thoughts on the list. I’ve not seen or heard it discussed as much as I’d expected - especially as I don’t think The Herd were people’s pick to win it.

Unsurprisingly as a tournament list it takes a lot of the highly rated units. My first impression is ‘wow, that’s a fast list’ - the commitment to speed is impressive. Would hit pretty hard too with the Bane Chants.

Anything here catch your eye? How do you think you’d fare against it? Any thoughts really.


I played against it on UB once. I played a rather slow undead army. Tried using the normal tactic of using terrain defensively but this list does not care about terrain, and my skeletons with phalanx did not affect it either, so I got smashed. :grin:

In a practice game my Orcs miraculously beat this list. (With some caveats) like his spirit walker horde bouncing off my Moreaxe regiment - which should never happen.

I also asked him “how do I beat you” sometime around turn 3 and he told me and I did .

I’ve had the pleasure of losing to Keith many many times.


@FredOslow & @SKULLFACE V interesting to hear from people that have fought it!

Was there anything particular with how Keith played the list? Looking at it on paper, I guess it was well executed alpha-strikes? And mobile enough to grab objectives at the end. Are the BoN the key ingredient, threatening flanks etc?

For 2300pts, it seems like quite a small army! A result of being so elite I suppose.

Minor points - I think it’s the first time I’ve seen Druids on steeds, an option dismissed in the army reviews I’ve listen to - obviously needed to keep up here. And the reg of Forest Shamblers stands out - Scout helps it keep up, but I wonder what its role was? Why the Shamblers and not a reg of Gur Panthers or some other fast unit?

It’s definitely an army you need to practise with a lot to get the best out of it - its positioning and coordination that will get this to work, not just throwing fast stuff at an opponent.

The shamblers, at de5 and -/14 are a solid, cheap unit that can sit on an objective or move up with scout. With 3 harpy troops the list doesn’t need the gur Panthers.

Regular shooting can hurt the low de units, while Phalanx and walls need to be carefully avoided

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