Kenos second 1000pt army project to lure friends into KoW

As I’m about to ‘finish’(they never will be😉) my 2000pt Undead project, I was thinking about my next army. I have some Sylvan Kin and Ratkin lying around, but then I saw something on Ebay I couldn’t resist.

It’s an old Mantic Orc Army Set consisting of 30 Ax, 20 Greatax, 10 Goreriders and enough Orclings to build a regiment… and I bought it for 38€ :flushed:!
Combining it with my Giant from the Vanguard Kickstarter, I just need a Krusher on Gore and a war drum (another 26,39€ here in Germany) to reach 1000pt.
I will then use this, as a cheap and straight forward 1000pt army to lure friends into KoW.

…and I get to paint cool Mantic Orcs and a Giant!


The giants are great fun to paint

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GO! The world needs more greenskins :smiley:

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Fun to play with too, whenever I get friends into games i always give them armies / gangs / teams that make big explosions or smoosh things, its very satisfying and cinematic for new players and drags them in. :slight_smile:

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Exactly what I had in mind!