Keno's warbands for Vanguard - painting my KS pledge

This is my Basilean warband so far:

Paladin Defender

Gur Panther

Men at arms



I finished a Sisterhood Scout:


The sister really looks ace in the terrain, like she would be really scouting there :slightly_smiling_face:.

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This picture is amazing, love how detailed everything is!

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Thanks guys @WolleK, @Morofang!
I’ve never been into terrain building. For some unknown, mysterious reason Vanguard changed that. Quickly after my Kickstarter pledge arrived I started building terrain for it. I love to do the finishing touches, like tufts, leaves etc. Haven’t touched the minis that much, which is a shame. I have good fun painting these Basilean. It’s a nice change to paint some ‘good’ guys :smiley:

The Ogre Palace Guard is finished:

I didn’t have time to put him into some terrain. Maybe I’ll post better pics soon.


The Paladin Chaplain:


I finished my 200pt Basilean warband:

My next warband is coming into the mortal world:


Nice warband! Is that gaming mat and ruins from Mantic?

Yes, they are from the Vanguard kickstarter. I think they are available in a terrain crate now.

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Absolutely beautiful warband :slightly_smiling_face: I like the basilean resins a lot, to me they are the best from the KS. (Painted them myself and hope to expand them to a full army, maybe next year. :wink:)

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Thank you @WolleK @ThaneBobo!
They are brilliant minis! At first I was least interested in the Basilean warband from my Kickstarter, but now it’s the first warband I painted.
And I too am tempted to play a whole army of them. Damn you, Mantic!

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My newest addition to the Forces of the Abyss warband:

and a second Flamebearer

He’s a small conversion. The head is the spare head from the Tormentor, the right hand is from the lower Abyssal sprue.


Very good start :slightly_smiling_face: I love the character of the Miniatures and I think your colour scheme supports it: creatures that look evil, but in an ironic and humorous way. Especially the Imps, which are IMO the coolest “swarm” in Vanguard or KoW.

An incredibly bad picture of my Gargoyle:

And some slightly better pictures: