Keno's warbands for Vanguard - painting my KS pledge

This is my Basilean warband so far:

Paladin Defender

Gur Panther

Men at arms



I finished a Sisterhood Scout:


The sister really looks ace in the terrain, like she would be really scouting there :slightly_smiling_face:.

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This picture is amazing, love how detailed everything is!

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Thanks guys @WolleK, @Morofang!
I’ve never been into terrain building. For some unknown, mysterious reason Vanguard changed that. Quickly after my Kickstarter pledge arrived I started building terrain for it. I love to do the finishing touches, like tufts, leaves etc. Haven’t touched the minis that much, which is a shame. I have good fun painting these Basilean. It’s a nice change to paint some ‘good’ guys :smiley:

The Ogre Palace Guard is finished:

I didn’t have time to put him into some terrain. Maybe I’ll post better pics soon.

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The Paladin Chaplain:


I finished my 200pt Basilean warband:

My next warband is coming into the mortal world:


Nice warband! Is that gaming mat and ruins from Mantic?

Yes, they are from the Vanguard kickstarter. I think they are available in a terrain crate now.

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Absolutely beautiful warband :slightly_smiling_face: I like the basilean resins a lot, to me they are the best from the KS. (Painted them myself and hope to expand them to a full army, maybe next year. :wink:)

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Thank you @WolleK @ThaneBobo!
They are brilliant minis! At first I was least interested in the Basilean warband from my Kickstarter, but now it’s the first warband I painted.
And I too am tempted to play a whole army of them. Damn you, Mantic!

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My newest addition to the Forces of the Abyss warband:

and a second Flamebearer

He’s a small conversion. The head is the spare head from the Tormentor, the right hand is from the lower Abyssal sprue.

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Very good start :slightly_smiling_face: I love the character of the Miniatures and I think your colour scheme supports it: creatures that look evil, but in an ironic and humorous way. Especially the Imps, which are IMO the coolest “swarm” in Vanguard or KoW.