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Hi folks, new player here. I got hold of the Shadows in the north start set, painted the models and had first couple of games today.
Very impressed with the game, however looking through the book I got with the set I couldn’t find anything relating to keywords, have I missed something?


As a rule, ignore all the keywords to begin with. Later, you might find a special rule or spell which will inform you that it gives a certain bonus to units with a certain keyword, most likely in a Clash of Kings tournament rules book update. Those annual books are where the rules committee do most of tweaking and balancing, and they actively use the keywords to hang those tweaks onto.


Some special rules refer to keywords (often auras).

Keywords are best treated as flavour text that might interact with a special rule.


like the others said they have little impact, they were added with a view to future proofing the game so if they need to make power adjustments to a unit they can use the keyword to dial it in without needing to add massive amounts of errata. Some auras and special rules affect specific keyword units only

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P10 of the gamers ed.


Currently, as mentioned many units have keywords that don’t do anything for them.


Thanks folks👍

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