Kharegim's Abyssal Dwarves!

Hello all! Here is where I will be sharing photos of my abyssal dwarf army in full! I am currently in the process of retouching all the paint jobs on the entire force since they’re the first army I collected when i got back into the hobby in 2013 with KoW first edition (I had always wanted a chaos dwarf army).

First two models I have completed are my halfbreed champion Bhurak! (he is a twin with hes evil brother Bhrodil who is coming up eventually)

bhurak 1
bhurak 2
bhurak 3

the second one is my favourite greater obsidian golem model! This guy is a mix of a model from HQResin on the hexy store for his body and the mantic greater obsidian golem head!

golem 2
golem 3
golem 4
golem 5


That golem is great!
Much more fitting “evil pose”.


Thanks! Yeah when i got my kickstarter golems I felt they were too, small, too not evil enough, but the heads were perfect…

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Sweet Golem, great lava effect


Love the golem

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Also in the process of 3d printing some hobgoblins, in kings of war these will be used as slave orcs, but if I can mashup the files well enough I’ll be creating a whole army to use as ratkin (in kings of war theyre genetic mutants created by the abyssal dwarves as slaves, so they’ll fit profile wise and lore wise)


Progress has been slow of late, I’ve been distracted with Warhammer total war 2s chaos dwarf mod and world of tanks and phasmophobia.
But thanks to internet difficulties I finished touch ups on four more units yesterday.
Meet one of four immortal guard regiments, these guys are from mantic games (as is most of the army):

And also my three Angkor heavy mortars (mantic games also)


Very nice work

Thanks Rusty!

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