Kiki's Basileans

Hi everybody!
One year ago, a friend of mine told me “Hey, I began to paint miniatures and that’s great! Do you want to make an army too?”. I never painted in my life but I’ve seen some games and I thought it would be a great hobby. So I checked which factions were available, and I choosed Basileans: angels with fire swords and big guys in can box… What would be better?

So I bought a box of troopers and… I made some Playmobils ? :sweat_smile: Not great but I enjoyed it.

So I studied many tutorials on Youtube and it started to become addictive…

Ok, next step : some angels… I choosed Basileans for this reason!

And big guys in armor was the second reason…

Making fire swords was easier than I expected, thanks to Speedpaint. So I wanted to try Samacris, like @DreadNort 's one.

Flat shields are difficult to paint, but I tried…

Then I painted another batch of angels to apply some technics I’ve learned :

Those guys were harder to paint than I expected, but at least I’ll have some cavalry for my first battle.

And this angel… I used @Bandrol 's Julius because I still can’t imagine which ones will look good. Well, He reminds me some Saint Seiya hero :laughing:

My wife gave me the dragon for my birthday (best gift ever!), I waited 5 long months to paint it… I wanted to learn new techniques and buy more paints. I used Speedpaint to start but it was really ugly… So I stripped it off and started again. I’ve used a step by step tutorial on Doctor Faust’s Painting Clinic’s Youtube channel and I was satisfied for a first dragon.

I painted some other guys for a second battle :

[Off-basileans] I wanted to try something else than speedpaint and drybrush, so I tried to paint a barbarian from a boardgame

Back to guys in armor!

[Off-basileans] And to finish this first year of painting, I bought a 75mm. Once again I used a tutorial from Dr Faust.

Basileans are really great and I hope they’ll make other miniatures for this faction!


These are great, what a consistent and well executed scheme!

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Really impressive work across so many minis! That (totally not avatar of the) green lady is really superb as well, great skill up in a short time :clap:

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Welcome to the forum! Quite the achievement there, really impressive! It would be nice to see the whole army in all it’s glory in a group shot. Basilaens are pretty cool! How where your first games?

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