Killer Bunny Honour Guard for the League Of Rhordia

So as background I absolutely adore Westfalia’s Halfmen and those combined with my old Dogs of War make the League probably my favourite army to build for Kings. So I didn’t want to use demigryphs for Honour Guard, they don’t fit the aesthetic I’m going for and then last year Tim Djr on the fanatics page showed off a set of beautiful conversions of halflings on rabbits.

Unfortunately they are sold only at easter by Wyrd. Fast forward about 8-10 months and the easter sale rocked around… here is my altogether too expensive conversion for my honour guard.

So bunnies built and goat cav cleaned up and ready for the removal of the ruminant betwixt their legs.


So I tested out removing the goat with a dremel type thing and it went well.

alas the goat did not survive the surgery

To get the little tyke to fit he got a plunge in boiling water and legs spread akimbo#

that seems to work well on the front of the two of the saddles

So that’s a winner, next up the other 17!


Well they’re all cleaned up and fitting the front well, but the rear saddle is too low to the bunny, for the goblin that should be on it it’s not an issue as he’s hanging off the rear, thankfully Tim Djr told me that he had sculpted new saddles for his so I tested one out with plasticine and I think it will work well.

Well time to break out the green stuff and make 10 saddles, including a saddle horn so the little fella doesn’t fall off.

Back tomorrow I hope with stuff ready to prime


Wow! So cool! :smiley:

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Really looking forward to seeing how they turn out. They look brilliant!

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Those are hilarious! I really like how they turned out. Keep 'em coming, I am looking forward to seeing more of them.

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thanks folks, all plaudits should really go to Tim, I’m simply stealing his idea outright, and you know what I’m not even ashamed.
If it’s that good, nick it :wink:

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YESSSSSSSS love that you’re doing these in such scale, double riders look particularly great :rabbit2: :crossed_swords: :shield:

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Amazing work. Following with great interest.

I got a chance to make little raised greenstuff saddles and prime the bunnies.

and then because I wanted to see how they looked a grabbed an ogre base that’s waiting on it’s figures and threw them on.

the only question is how to paint them, a flock of white rabbits would be fun, but would look very samey. Scots greys got away with it because there is less uniformity in life. So I’m thinking perhaps a mix. While I ponder that my flag bearing squires still have to be converted for the units.


basecoats on


amazing !

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starting to get closer to detailing, now here’s the current crop of minis


That head-on shot is a terrifying prospect!

Awesome progress all around :rabbit2:


cheers, I’m enjoying getting them done. Need to think about how I’m going to base them next

Those are bloody awesome!

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taking a moment to think about the colour scheme for my League force, so no progress on the paint job. However I have decided to start working on the bases I’ll need for the honour guard and the army in general.

I’ve decided to go for a mix of my wild hillsides that I’m making for my ogres,

But I’m going to add cobbled paths and areas with a greenstuff world roller on foam like these